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Cumberland County Exhibition Dining Room 2022


We are seeking an experienced individual to undertake the operations of the Dining Room located in the Industrial Building for the duration of the Cumberland County Exhibition, August 26-28, &  September 2-4 in Oxford, Nova Scotia.


Successful Candidate Qualifications:


The successful candidate should possess the following:

  • Successful completion of the Food Handler Course 

  • Experience in preparing food for the public/large groups

  • Experience working with and managing a team 


Responsibilities of the Successful Candidate:


  • Purchase all food, condiments, napkins, etc as required 

  • Keep regular hours agreed upon with the Cumberland County Exhibition for the duration of the Exhibition

  • Adhere to safe and proper food handling

  • Ensure adequate staff support and be responsible for wages

  • Ensure negotiated fee is paid by September 11, 2020

  • Ensure the kitchen, refrigeration units and Dining Room is left in a satisfactory manner

  • Ensure the kitchen and dining area is kept clean for the duration of the event with the exception of the bathrooms 

  • Make a reasonable effort to ensure the public is not accessing the event without admission

  • At the time of acceptance of the contract the successful candidate will provide a deposit


Responsibilities of the Board of Directors:


  • Ensure bathrooms are kept clean

  • Ensure the Kitchen Dining Room area is clean prior to the successful candidate beginning their week

  • Set up of tables in the dining room area

  • Provide access in advance of the Exhibition to prepare and stock




  • The menu should consist of home cooked food and desserts with a daily special.  Previous year menus can be provided as samples.

  • The Board of Directors maintains the right to exclude certain menu items.

  • Menu, including costs, should be presented to the Board of Directors for their approval.

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